Why LiliaChess ?


I am an experienced software programmer and I have developed LiliaChess in my spare time using the java language,  beginning in 2007.  The java source files are enclosed within the distribution. 

My goal in developing LiliaChess was to build a straightforward interface for testing one's own ability against as many chess engines as possible, at different levels of skill.  Of course an interesting side-effect is the opportunity of watching the engines employ their power against each other.

The RESTART push-button offers you two more ways of using the engines:

  • you can set up a chess problem and have the engines solve it;
  • you can restart the play at any position of a game you are viewing, for instance to answer the question: why did the loser resign in that situation ?


My initial frustration in always losing against every engine has been rewarded over time by the progress I made using my GUI.  I hope that other chess amateurs can find it enjoyable and useful.


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